FAQ - Enquiries

What is the time of expedition for your products?

We take 2-4 days to treat your order then 1-3 weeks to deliver it to you.

The delays of expedition are extended because of the current circumstances with COVID 19, please excuse us for it please, we work non-stop to give you a quality service and to forward you our exceptional products.

Do you send everywhere in the world?

Yes, absolutely. We deliver worldwide.

Where from do we send your product?

Our offices are located in FRANCE. Our international warehouses as for them are located in China and in Australia. They are of this two warehouses that your products leave to arrive at your domicile.

Do you give information of the monitoring / pistage of the product?

Yes, wait 3 days after your order and ask us via enamel in info@kluberclothing.co Or follow your package via link of tracking who will be you gives by e-mail.

Some articles of my order, what's happening are missing?

Our products are separately sent according to your order. If this one contains for example articles of two different warehouses, there will be two deliveries as a result. The rest of order will arrive very indeed quickly. Be a patient.

I received a harmed article. What can I make?

We are upset to hear it.

Send us simply a picture of the harmed article in question at address enamel: info@kluberclothing.co with the details of your expérience and we will treat your request as soon as possible.

Ci this one corresponds to conditions mentioned in our Politics of Returns (https://kluber.com.co/pages/politiques-de) then to uswill send you a similar replacement article as quickly as possible after reception of the harmed product.

For it send us the product (s)harmed (s) at address: 6 Coruna gardens, cook, VIC, 3030 Australia. And we will send you the spare product as quickly as possible.

Where are you located?

We are located in Region Centre in FRANCE then in Australia in the city of Melbourne.

I still did not receive my order. What takes so much time?

We ask you to excuse us for delay. Sometimes, international expedition can take more time than envisaged because of customs clearance. You can draw your order on the contrary and see where it is any time. If you estimate to need assistant always in the tracing of your packet or that you want to enquire on this last, please communicate with us by electronic mail at following address: info@kluberclothing.co

Have you a refund politics?

We make of our the best to resolve all problems which our clients could meet with their online articles. If you however want to receive a refund on your order, we can fulfil the payment of course, in case appeal is made in 15 days according to the date of order and that one or several concerned products are not sold off. For more information, please read advantage on our Politics back and Refund (https://kluber.com.co/pages/politiques-de)...